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Maximize the Power of Events for a Successful Business Event with the Most Impact

One of the ways events are used is to share your message, product, or service with many.  Because of this, they are one of the quickest ways you can grow and scale your business.  This applies to both in-person events and online events.  I always work with my clients to share what the Power of Events is and investigate how we can maximize each of them to have the most successful event with the most impact.  You can do that too!

What is the Power of Events?

All the following can result from events at the same time which is why events are so powerful and should be part of your overall marketing strategy.

  1. Keeps your current customers loyal and engaged.
  2. Helps you attract new customers.
  3. Helps you to increase your sales.
  4. Helps you to build your brand awareness.

Let us take a closer look at each of the power of events to learn more about how you can maximize each of them for your own situation.

Keeps Your Current Customers Loyal and Engaged

Did you know that it costs five times more to get new customers than it does to retain customers?  Existing customers are also more likely to purchase new products from you and spend more money with you than new customers.  You want to keep them loyal and engaged.

Make sure you have a customer loyalty program and as part of that loyalty program include your existing customers in any events that you do.  Give them a personal invitation, a discount to attend, automatically upgrade them to a VIP, give them an additional free ticket for a friend…  You want to show that you both care for them and that you are grateful for them.

Having your current customers attend your event will keep them engaged with you and your brand.  They also serve as walking and talking testimonials to you and your brand.  Even if they cannot attend, they will feel good that you thought of them.

Helps You Attract New Customers

When you set up your event and you start promoting it, this will reach more than your current customer base and will attract new customers.  Also, an event promotion is showing you and your brand are doing something most likely that will be valuable and of interest for its target attendees.  It shares more about you and your brand than a typical social media or advertising post.  It helps to grow the know, like and trust of people who do not know you to be more attracted to you and your brand to do business.  And again, even if they cannot attend your event, they will know more about you and like you more for doing an event than not doing an event at all.

Does it make sense for you to partner with other people to do an event?  Not only will this save in shared costs, but you will have the opportunity to attract each other’s customers.  Also think of sponsors.  You and your sponsors can help attract interest from each other’s customers.  The more ways that new potential customers hear about you and your brand the better.  Having an event is a great way to do it.

Helps You to Increase Your Sales

You have a captive audience of people at an event.  Right away you can sell to many than just one at a time.  Therefore, events are a great way to scale and grow your business.  You have the opportunity at an event to do everything possible to have your attendees want to purchase from you right then and there.  This can be done in several ways.  Some popular ways are offering them a discount, event only specials, exclusive offers, bonus, or a prize.  You want to make sure their attendee journey is great and leads up to achieving the purpose and goal of your event.

Also, your audience gets to know, like and trust you at an event a whole lot quicker than just seeing your or your brand social media and advertising.  It quickens the process.

You can also collect attendee data from an event and can use this information to do follow-up.

Helps You to Build Your Brand Awareness

Your brand naturally will receive increased visibility by marketing the event and having an event.  You could build your event in a way to expand your brand awareness.  One of the ways is to encourage your attendees to post about your brand and thus expanding your brand awareness.  Some ideas include to have your attendees post for a chance to win a prize or set up a brand statement area where you can encourage your attendees to take a picture and share on social media.  You can use hashtags to further expand the reach.   This helps build momentum for your brand beyond your own posts.

Another way to build your brand awareness would be using promotional materials that are of value to your attendees.  Not the kind they will want to throw away, but the ones that they will want to hold on to and use.  This will keep your brand top of their minds and others may see them use whatever promotional material you gave and also become aware of your brand.

Keep the Power of Events in Mind

Have you set the date for your next event?  Keep the Power of Events in mind when creating the plan for your event so that you can have the most successful event with the most impact.

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