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The Magic of Creating Experiences

My company, Eventful Advantage’s motto is “Create Experiences not Just Events” and there is a reason.  When you create experiences, this leads to memories.  If you take the time, the energy, and the money to do an event you want to be remembered! Creating experiences makes for a much for successful event for everyone all around.

What is an “Experience”?

An experience is something you observed, you do or that happens to you that affects you and your feelings.  Experiences are not just for events, but you can have personal experiences, customer experiences, member of a community experience, employee experience to the shared group experiences that result from events.  In each of these cases, Memories is the most important result of experiences.  Think to yourself of your favorite experience and you will have a memory in your head that may make you smile.

In addition to memories, I think there are some additional benefits of experiences and ways to make longer term memorable experiences.  I will use the word MEMORIES to explain further.

M – Magical Powers

I really do think experiences bring magic into people’s lives.  It makes people happier.  Experiences can expand your mind.  The recipient of an experience will show increased engagement and loyalty, increased demand for you, your product or service or to be part of the community or company.  It helps retain members, employees, and loyal customers.

E – Everyone Benefits

The beauty of creating experiences is that everyone can benefit from it.  The giver of the experience is rewarded back.  The receiver of the experience is happier for the experience and will fondly remember the giver and take actions as a result.

M – Moderate Cost

I wanted to emphasize that to create an experience you do not have to spend a lot of money.  You can spend a lot of money and some people do spend a lot of money but there is no direct relational effect that spending more money leads to a better experience.  My suggestions for those looking to add experiences is to keep them simple.  In the event space I also work with my clients to look for help n sharing the costs from partners who could also benefit from the same group of people being gathered or companies looking to support a good cause as a sponsor in exchange for some marketing exposure.

Another thing to consider is back to the point that everyone benefits.  A customer centric experience leads to prosperity.

O – Opportunity

Creating an experience gives you the opportunity to set yourself apart and stand out.

R – Richer Life

I like to refer to a quote from Eleanor Roosevelt “The purpose of life is to live it, to taste experience to the utmost, to reach out eagerly without fear for newer and richer experience”.

Now to explain more to how you can create longer term memories and what I use as the elements needed to create an experience.

I – Interaction

I ask the question “What Journey Will You Take Your Attendees on” for events and think of ways to interact with the attendees before, during and after the event and ways for them to interact with each other.  This same question can be used for Companies in coming up with their Customer Experience Journey and for your own self for your own personal experience.

E – Engagement

I ask the question “What Role will the Attendees Play in the Event” and come up with ways for them to engage with the event.  This same question can be used by companies, membership groups, and for your own personal experience.

Many times, Interaction and Engagement work together.  It could be as simple as clear communication, making people feel welcome, having ways for them to meet other people easily, playing games, having entertainment, giving the opportunity to win prizes, giving the opportunity for Q & A, and giving helpful tools like handouts, workbooks…

S – Senses

This is my favorite one to create longer term memorable experiences is to make sure and stimulate all five senses.  Sight, Hearing, Touch, Taste and Smell.  A lot of times these senses get naturally covered but I make sure that they are covered sufficiently and add them in to an event.  This also applies to all other experiences too and should be kept in mind even for your own personal experiences.  A lot of times best personal experiences may be related to a milestone event like a wedding or a special vacation.  It will be more experienced and better remembered when all the senses are stimulated.

Create Experiences!

I genuinely believe that a mind that is stretched by an experience can never go back to its old dimension.  I highly recommend looking to create experiences for your own self, you will be happier and have a richer life as a result.  If you are a business owner, how can you have a better customer experience journey that will make your customer happy and as a result you will reap the benefits of their increased loyalty and business.  If you are a company look to make your employee experience better.  Your employees will work harder, and you will reduce turnover and increase retention saving your company a lot of dollars and most likely will have other people wanting to be employees for your company.  If you are looking to have an event, look to create experiences not just events for an overall better event that everyone will benefit from.

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