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August 2020

Eventful Advantage / 2020 / August

Meetings are a Business Event I was recently asked by a company if I helped with other kinds of business gatherings other than events – like meetings.  I was surprised because in my world, business events do include meetings, but I appreciated the question since it told me that I should be clearer in communicating about my range of services.  In March, I started hosting and helping others with online events/meetings from one on one business connections up to 100 people attending with different speakers, PowerPoint slides, Videos and use of...

Tips to Stretch Your Event Budget (In-person or online) I have had the opportunity to put together events with big budgets and on a shoestring budget.  It is harder to put together a good event on a small budget, but it is not impossible.  Sometimes when people are working on a tight budget, they skip part of an event to save costs.  To cut corners they find the most minimal way to do things and this is not the right course of action.  You must still create an experience for your attendees...

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