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Build Your Brand Awareness and Generate New Leads

Sometimes when you think things will last for only a short amount of time you can decide to wait until it changes back. During that time of “wait” – you really do not take much action because you are just waiting. How about if things you think will only last a short amount of time end up lasting for a long time or look to last for a long time? Then just waiting no longer works, you need to change your mindset, come to accept the way things are to be able to move forward.

This has happened to me in the past with job situations, relationships and currently with changing my focus to better use online business events. It was not until my mindset changed that I was able to act.

Here is the quote that I chose to use at one of my events this month (which does happen to be online) that I feel really addresses how the mind and your actions work together.

Everything in life starts with your mindset first and your actions second. Your actions follow your thoughts, your beliefs and ideas. To make a shift, to free your energy: start with getting your mind right, and then, take action. – Sylvester McNutt III

Online Business Events

It is not that I dislike online business events, I just personally love when people can come together in person.  So many powerful things can happen.  In fact, I have been doing online business events extensively since mid-March and have become quite a wizard at it.  I have enjoyed the benefits of no travel time, they are easier to set up for, only half of me needs to be dressed properly, location is not a barrier and people can join from all over the globe.  Although not in person, they remain amazingly effective.

With my change of mindset, I am excited about putting forth new efforts to use my online business event knowledge to help other businesses.  I am finding there are quite a few business owners that have been in the same place that I was before – “waiting”.  I want to make it easier for them to move forward to do an online business event of their own.

Interactive Online Mixology Course Example

In May, I worked with a mobile cocktail business to put together a fun online business event, an interactive mixology course to prepare for the Memorial Day Holiday.  Since the mobile cocktail business could not operate their business at this time it was a way to help keep them visible, increase brand awareness and have more people learn more personally about who they are and what they do which generated new leads and should lead to increase in sales when they can more fully operate.  They were able to share their expertise in mixing cocktails to interested attendees and their fun personality that they can bring to events.   I worked with them to build a program that made it both interactive and engaging using some of the tools that can be used in online events such as polling and use of the chat box.  We gave instructions of what to pull together for the event to the attendees so they could mix their own cocktails from what they had on hand in their pantry and refrigerator.  I helped to set it up both on event platforms and zoom and to promote it.  I helped to facilitate the event so the business could just focus on what they do best.  It turned out to be a great event and fun experience for the attendees.  We showed and shared our creations.  There was time for questions and answers.  Who knew you could make a cocktail with kombucha!  There was one attendee that added curry to their drink to add some spice.  There were several other unique combinations.  I personally discovered that just adding honey to a drink is not a good idea since it stays clumped together.

Business Brand Awareness + Lead Generator Online Event Package

But I do know how to put on a successful online business event and feel this model can be good for other businesses.  Create an online event around what a business is known for, their expertise and what they can share and give to attendees of the event that they would find valuable to them.  Is it time for your business to plan an online business event?  I call this the Business Brand Awareness + Lead Generator Online Event Package.

There are no worries if you do not have an idea yet of what you or your business can share – that is part of the package!  Here is what is included to make it both effective and easy for you to do:

  • Idea generation help for the event
  • Program development and flow
  • Event Wizard Strategy of making the event Interactive, Engaging and a memorable Experience for attendees
  • Set up the event in the different event platforms and zoom
  • Help in the communication/promotion of the event
  • Practice Session
  • Event Facilitation
  • Receive the recording of the event (this can be reused by putting on your website/Facebook page after the event is over)
  • Share attendee data collected so you can follow-up with your new leads

Benefits of Online Business Events

There are many benefits to doing an online business event, especially compared to doing nothing at all.  Here are a few of them.

  • When you have an event, whether in-person or online, in communicating and promoting the event it expands the reach of your business and brand to more than just your regular clients.
  • Makes you and your business more visible and expands brand awareness.
  • Doing an event is more personal than regular advertising/promotion – people attending get to know you better and more quickly and it quickens the sales process
  • You will be thought of more favorably in the community for doing an event – this is amplified by doing an event that gives your attendees value.
  • Doing this type of event helps to educate people about who you are and what you do.
  • New leads will be generated to people who are attracted to the value that you will be sharing.
  • Increased sales can be generated from the new leads and your offers at the event.
  • When you create an experience for your attendees at an event you will be better remembered.
  • If it makes sense for your business, you can expand the event to beyond local since location is not a barrier for an online event.

Who Can Do Online Business Events?

An online business event can be developed for any type of business in any industry.   If you would like to keep yourself visible and expand your brand awareness and gain additional new leads an online business event may be right for you.

Other Types of Online Events

I have mainly focused on the Business Brand Awareness + Lead Generator Online Event since I feel this will be particularly good for businesses right now.  However, there are many other events that businesses can do online.  All can be customized to your purpose and goals.  Here are a few.

  • Networking Events – both internal and external for companies and great for groups and associations
  • Client or Employee Appreciation Events
  • Company Town Halls/Information Sharing Meetings
  • Celebrations & Parties – seasonal, holiday, celebrate achievements
  • Summits/Collaborative Events around a theme and can be multi day
  • Retreats – these can be multi day events and for different purposes

I would enjoy a having a conversation to share how online business events could work for you.  Feel free to book a time that works for you on my calendar.

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