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Reasons to Hire an Event Professional for a Business Event

When should you hire an event professional to help you with your business event?  This is one of the most common questions event professionals get.  If you have an event staff, you might not need to hire additional event professionals unless they need help and are busy.  Otherwise if you have a growing business and no dedicated event staff, hiring an event planner could be right for you.  This is no matter what size or type of event you want to hold and whether it is in-person or online.  They all take more time and energy than you ever thought.

It is not surprising to discover that people who have done or tried to do events themselves are the first to reach out to hire an event professional the next time.  Also, there are the “rescues” – those that thought it would be no problem to plan their own event and then as the event date approaches, they reach for their phone to call for HELP!

You would not operate on yourself – you would let a doctor do that.  You do not cut your own hair – you let a hair stylist do that.  Similarly, you should not plan your own event, let an event professional do that.  Here are some of the reasons why.

1. Save Time

Those that have done events before will understand this better than those that have not done events.  Events take more time and energy than you ever thought possible to put together.  There are multiple moving pieces that need to coordinate together.  Do you really have time for this?  Would your time be better spent doing what you know how to do best?  Even if you have delegated this responsibility to a member of your team or a group, would they be better off spending their time doing what they do best for the overall good of the business?

An event professional will save you time and allow you to keep your focus on what is most important.  You can choose how involved or uninvolved you want to be in the event planning process and whether you want a consultation with a plan, only part of the event covered or a full implementation.

2. Peace of Mind – Less Stress, Headaches and Grey Hair

Working with an event professional should give you peace of mind that all the different parts of   the event will be taken care of.  You will not have the extra stress of trying to do your job plus plan an event which is stressful enough in its own right. I have seen the haggard look of someone who is trying to do their day job plus plan an event and it is not a good look – their health, the job, the event or all of these will most likely suffer.

3. Help to Achieve the Purpose & Goal of the Event

Business events should have a purpose and goal of what it is trying to achieve.  Choose an event professional that focuses on business events and knows how to help you accomplish this.  The correct event professional can structure the event to meet your business objectives.  Events are a way, if structured correctly, that can help you build your business and brand.

4. Organization & Attention to Detail

Event professionals are skilled in project management with attention to the smallest details.  They will keep all aspects of your event organized and correctly coordinated for a successful event.  The attention to the smallest details is what can be the difference between mediocrity and greatness.

5. Ability to Remain More Flexible

Event professionals are experts in being able to make changes and make problems disappear.  If you want to make a change in your event plan, they are there to help you to do so and adjust the event plan accordingly.

6. Bring Your Vision to Life or Give New Ideas

If you have a thought of what you want your event to look like, the event professional can take your thought and make it better than you ever thought possible.  If you want new ideas, they can bring to you a wide variety of different thoughts.  They will most likely carry the theme of the event through all the event details to make it cohesive and to make it more of a memorable event.  Since they do pay attention to detail, it will be a better event than if an event professional was not involved.

7. Create Great Experiences

Your event purpose and goals will not be achieved to your liking unless the event plans have been put together to create great experiences for your event attendees.   Experiences lead to memories and you want your business and brand to be remembered. All the time, energy, money you have spent on your event will be a wasted unless great experiences are created.  Make sure to choose an event professional who understands the need to create a great experience for the attendees of your event.

8. Resources and Relationships

Event professionals have many resources that they can choose from to fit the event that you want to have.  They are also willing to establish new resources if needed.  They tend to develop good relationships with their resources since they could do business with them multiple times for different events.  Better relationships lead to better service.

9. Cost Savings/Up Level the Event

Because of their relationship or wanting to establish good relationships with event professionals since they could be a good source of future business, resources may give a discount to an event professional.  In addition, event professionals are usually great negotiators and keep in mind the interests of who they are planning the event for and can pass on the cost savings to them.  Sometimes instead of cost savings, event professionals can get you an up level in the service so that you receive more or better than what you would have been able to do on your own.

10. Keep Budget in Check

If you need to work within a certain budget an event professional can help you to do this.  They know approximately what percent should be spent where, know how to do things for less and can keep track of where your money is going.  They can also keep track of the different payments that need to be made and when.

11. Less Mistakes and Handle Problems

Event professionals have industry expertise and know what goes into planning an event.  There are many components of an event that unless you planned events before you might never have thought of. They continually monitor an event to make sure that everything goes smoothly.  They are your go to source to make things happen the way you want them to.  Using an event planner will help to avoid costly mistakes.  If a problem or emergency does arise, they are there to handle it.

12. Enjoy the Event

Having an event professional take care of all the event details leading up to the event and being there the day of your event give you more energy to focus on achieving the purpose and goal of the event versus running around to make sure the event details are squared away.  This will lead to a more extraordinarily successful and a much more pleasurable event for you.

If you select your event professional wisely you will have an event that achieves your purpose and goals, builds your business and brand, creates memorable experiences for your attendees along with the many other benefits all the while giving you and your staff more time to keep focused on what you do best.  Let an event professional help you at your next business event.

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