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It’s Time to Plan Your Reopening Event

Covid 19 hit many businesses hard. Many had to close their doors temporarily or had reductions in business because of the need to operate differently to stay safe for both their employees and customers. While this may vary by location and business type, the news talk is shifting to a time when we can open our businesses again. Are you ready?

Remember that your competition and other businesses will be reopening too. How do you get your customers to notice your business over others? How do you attract new customers to your business? A Reopening Event may be right for you.

What Are the Benefits of a Reopening Event?

  • It is a way to get the word out that you are reopening your business to both your current customer base and new customers.
  • It is a time to celebrate the end of a very hard time that we all shared in at different levels and the start of something more positive.
  • It is a way to build demand before opening your business with announcing a special sale/discount or a special welcome back incentive/promotion.
  • A special referral bonus can be created to have current customers encourage friends to use/come to your business to increase the impact of the event.

Events are one of the quickest ways to build your business. The power of events helps keep your current customers engaged in your business, helps to build your sales, and helps to increase your brand awareness all in one swoop.

How to Plan a Reopening Event

There is no cookie cutter way to do this. You need to create an event that is right for your business. It needs to fit with the business purpose and goals and be structured so that it will bring you a return on your investment. You also need to keep in mind the current environment and that your customers need to feel safe at the place of your business. You may possibly need to set up your business differently to achieve this.

Planning and promoting an event takes time. You do need to plan and communicate in advance of the event. You will want to invite your current customers through a mailed invitation or email. You will want to share your information via your social media channels. You can make use of different event platforms to help promote the event. You may want to issue a press release to the news media. You may want to advertise to reach even more people.

What other details will elevate your event and attract more customers? This could include d├ęcor, food & beverage, entertainment, photography, videography and use of branding elements. Planning helps manage all the different moving parts of an event better to achieve a successful event.

You may be in a situation where you share a building or place of business with other businesses. It might make sense to collaborate to create an even larger reopening event that could benefit all of you for a lower cost.

If you would like professional help, Eventful Advantage has different packages for different business needs. We have virtual meeting/event packages that could be useful to communicate with your employees and members to get them prepared and involved. You could also reach out to your customers ahead of your opening to build interest and excitement. We could also help you strategize and plan a Reopening Event that will be right to build your business and brand.

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