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Tips for a Successful Virtual Event that are Right for Your Business

What I have found from the virtual events that I have both done and attended is that people enjoy staying connected! This is even more so if the virtual event can be helpful to them in some way – help ease their fears, help them move forward, help them learn something new and help them have some fun.

The power of events does not change:

  • Helps to keep your current clients engaged in your business
  • Helps to attract new clients
  • Increases your sales
  • Builds your brand awareness

Since we can’t have a live event, any business can set up a virtual event! What some people are forgetting is that a virtual event still needs to fit your business purpose and goals, be planned where you pick the right date and time, it still needs to be communicated and marketed to gain the right audience and attendance that you want.  I also recommend that your event takes on the right tone that fits appropriately with what is happening in our world.  It is not the time to just sell but to be helpful and giving.

While I applaud the businesses and groups that have come out with virtual events, I have to say that I have not attended some and even became annoyed with others because they were not planned, communicated and marketed correctly.  I don’t believe you need to be perfect, but I can see that a lot of work was done and energy wasted for not getting the results they would have really wanted.  I would like to help you do a virtual event and get the results that you want.

Know the Benefits and Negatives of Virtual Events

I feel it is important to know and understand both the benefits and negatives of virtual events in order to make your virtual event better.

Benefits of Virtual Events:

  • You can attract more attendees than having a live event and from a farther reach – there are no location barriers.
  • Attendees feel more comfortable participating in a virtual event vs a live event.
  • It’s easier to plan a virtual event than a live event – there are fewer moving parts such as finding a location, venue, worrying about food & beverage, décor…
  • Costs are less in having a virtual event vs a live event.
  • It is easy to record a virtual event and share the recording with those that could not attend.

Negatives of Virtual Events:

  • There are more distractions during virtual events than live events – it is hard to keep a quiet area especially if children and pets are around and you have easy access and temptations to other distractions such as your phone, texting, email, online shopping, social media news feeds while attending a virtual event.
  • Sometimes there is a problem with virtual event technology – some attendees need to learn new technology, you need to come up with virtual event etiquette and rules to follow, there have been reports of “Zoom Bombers”, people who are hacking into attending Zoom events and there have been connectivity issues due to the overload of some conferencing systems such as Zoom.
  • It is harder to make a virtual event interactive and engaging for attendees. It is harder to create an experience for your attendees.

In my next blog I will share more about why it’s still important to create an experience for your attendees at a virtual event and some ideas about how to do it.  You can sign up for my newsletter if you don’t want to miss this.

Special times deserve special responses. I am offering no charge to discuss whether a virtual event is right for your business and no charge to teach/help you set up your own virtual event. Please reach out, I would like to help.

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Please stay safe and well.

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