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Special Times Deserve Special Responses – We Want to Help!

We are currently living in unprecedented times. There is a lot unknown, there is fear and many life and business challenges.

Events as we have known them have ground to a halt. Business events are purposely planned to build your brand and business. This may be more important now than ever before. But how?

Just because we cannot meet face to face or gather doesn’t mean we have to stop connecting. We believe strongly at Eventful Advantage that this is time to think “out of the box” and be creative to keep in contact with and stay connected with our fellow workers, clients and prospective clients.

We want you to know that we are here to help you to navigate what this can mean for you and your business. Whether it is to strategize a way to have a virtual event, help in changing plans of a prior planned event or looking forward to the future when we can safely gather again.

Last week I was on target to have a live, in person event on Wednesday. The Sunday before the event I was in contact with the venue, the speaker and the attendees. We still fell within the CDC guidance at that time and planned to go forward. Monday morning came and the news had changed along with the CDC guidelines. I decided to change the event from a live event to a virtual event with a couple days to go. This required a lot of communication and changes. The venue had to be contacted and cancelled – thankfully they understood the situation and allowed us to cancel without penalty. The speaker had to be ready to speak online and share information in a different way. Thankfully my speaker was all on board and excited to do this. The attendees had to be contacted.

This was a paid event and we gave the attendees some different choices. Thankfully most were excited about going online for a virtual event. Some had never been online before. Some education and instructions needed to be done. Some extra time needed to be added to the front end of the event. New rules and online etiquette needed to be explained. The result while not perfect for such a quick turnaround was above expectations. The best thing was that the attendees had a great experience. They not only learned great things from the speaker they were also grateful to be seen online, heard and be able to connect with others. This group is planning to now go forward doing more online virtual events.

I have prior experience with helping companies to do product launch sales meetings via video conferencing when for some reason the salespeople couldn’t gather in one location. This always required some extra work to be effective for the salespeople who could not be live. We needed to prepare a kit for them to better explain the product that was to be launched. In this case it was apparel. Color cards needed to be sent to show actual color since that didn’t come across nicely in video. Fabric swatches needed to be sent so that they could touch and feel the fabric for themselves – something that can’t be done via video. Product samples needed to be sent so they could better see what the new product was all about. The presenter could direct the salesperson to bring out the different materials in their kit to talk about it further and help explain why it was the way it was. The combination of having someone there to present, answer questions, direct their attention to the materials sent to them and explain more about it led to much better results than just trying to show them over video alone or just sending a kit without further explanation.

This concept of a virtual event with a “kit” sent to attendees can be used by many different businesses in many ways. This is just one of many different creative ways to move forward.

Reach out to us. We want to help. Let us help you navigate building your business and brand with events in these unprecedented times and still being able to create an experience for your attendees.

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