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March 2020

Eventful Advantage / 2020 / March

We are currently living in unprecedented times. There is a lot unknown, there is fear and many life and business challenges. Events as we have known them have ground to a halt. Business events are purposely planned to build your brand and business. This may be more important now than ever before. But how? Just because we cannot meet face to face or gather doesn’t mean we have to stop connecting. We believe strongly at Eventful Advantage that this is time to think “out of the box” and be creative to keep...

I have seen the efforts of businesses planning ahead for events go to waste because they never set the date for their event. Ask yourself how many times this has happened to you – you bump into someone and they say to you “we should get together” and you both decide – “let’s do it in a few weeks when we are not so busy” and time flies by, those couple of weeks are gone and you don’t get together because you didn’t set a date! Just imagine how problematic...

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